Did Beethoven fill out time sheets?

How is it Professionals know what to do?

Exploring and Developing our Vitality

We all have talents and aptitudes from an early age. These kernels of creativity give us meaning as we engage their inherent language. We understand when we trust and engage our intuition.

When we are younger we may experience blocks preventing us expanding our awareness and freedom, such as negativity or narrow focus from the family environment and heritage. As we broaden our lives to see other norms we see and understand other complexities we did not know before. This is how it works. Boredom is a sign of our restriction, not our potential. Along the way people will insist you cannot be who you are meant to be. More is involved of course – crisis changes who we are, pushing past barriers hones our focus, heeding our spiritual life as primary, self no longer in primary position, letting go what does not matter. All of these aspects promote our sense of, and actual usefulness to others, our liberty instead of anxiety, developing personal creativity and distinct reward. Life is value, both tangible and non-tangible.

IT Technology & Design

A Solutions Architecture and Design Approach

IT Technology & Design

A Solutions Design & Architecture Approach

Over 25 years experience in IT with ASX listed and International companies.

In-country specialist & Solutions Design Architect for business communications with IBM Australia and Salmat Pty Limited.

Enjoying access to a wide range of Enterprise resources and people.

SDA – Solutions Design and Architecture – encourages you and those around you within the context of initiative, talent and aptitude, to facilitate the creative and technical design of low-risk delivery IT projects, including Web Design. This approach is based on IT best practices and business principles as known by industry professionals across the board.

solutions = people brochures

There are no metrics for added value or what we do behind the scenes.

Each of my projects were conducted with transparency with no project failures in my entire career. How is this possible?

Fear of failure and non-transparency is not a healthy conservative position, but inability to move forward with loss of opportunity and reward to oneself and others. Failure has a broader definition than the obvious.

Planned risk and an inherent energy yields higher success rates with the right skills and people around us. Solutions help us see more, providing incentive of change.

Actual failure is usually the absence of this, including the confidence in diverse attributes such as ownership, intuition, initiative and mentoring. Colleagues and Clients know who has Added Value.

Creativity is one of our greatest drives.

Being comfortable with our experience may unsettle those on a turbulent path.

Some are unsettled at others’ success or as opportunity arises.

Common sense, research, intelligence and good practice enables project solutions. At times a solution is necessary but limited by current technology.

Seemingly pleasant, regarded people may threaten or attempt to block our work without offering a viable alternative, even insisting our project will fail.

Managers under panic or pressure may be unable to make calm, rational mission critical decisions when we know our solution will succeed.

“It won’t work! It cannot work!” [Senior mainframe engineer for an aircraft maintenance project.]
“I will stop your work if it is not finished in seven days!” [Translation of legacy data on a multi-million dollar project.]
“I won’t co-operate with you because no one else can do my job.” [Project for an ASX listed financial company.]
“I won’t let anyone else help you. Do it all yourself.” [Major proposal for all Australian residents.]

Substantiated solutions with behind the scenes support from specialists, developers, labs, technical papers, proof of concept and testing, commitments to delivery with associated financials, all of which follow industry best practice, ensure positive outcomes

These successes climb above any negative background noise as demonstrated in the above examples.

Usually unsubstantiated fall-backs have major faults or are technically non-viable. We are confronted by these kinds of behaviours, but we know the backbone of our experience and knowledge because other people we work with along the way are true. Good solutions do not second guess or leave a void from unknown or untested alternatives.

Education and experience equals knowledge and reliability.

Artistic and conscientious people together realise enterprising and beneficial programs.


The content I provide on Design and Solutions is open to and for the public at no cost, within an appropriate context and the TERMS & CONDITIONS of this website. Content may help us consider what we have already thought and been somewhat aware of in our experiences and desire to move forward in a responsible way. By contrast, such goals have no meaning to a number of people in both life, and in the workforce.

A number of my statements are from autobiographical examples. I place a focus in the discussions on website design for individuals, sole traders or small business.