Launching an Amazon Linux2 EC2 Instance

 In Amazon AWS

This article may be used to go through the steps to launch an EC2 Linux2 instance in conjunction with other related AWS services, using the older AWS console. The new console needs some exploration to find things. For example, editing the network settings to allocate the regions you require, and disabling a few things like meta tags.

One would vary the details a little to find and install AL22 (Linux 2022) on a t4g instance.

One must always check the instance afterwards to ensure Credit Limits are disabled so that any excess use of CPU above 100% does not incur hefty fees.

If CPU is being exceeded, as shown in your metrics summaries, something is quite odd, and one should use a higher rated instance.

For Sydney servers, I now only use region apsoutheast2a.

I am still waiting to see if we need memcached on AL22.

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