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This section of my website represents my technical interests and experience.

The emphasis is on Solutions Design, and as a separate topic, Amazon AWS Linux installations.

Technology changes constantly. As a result, a number of my articles will become out of date over time, but nonetheless are useful. Often Internet technical articles are simplistic or incomplete. We need end-to-end technical constructions and solutions for complete delivery of services. For instance, while I do not go into Dovecot e-mail, there is no complete installation document I have ever found that works. Even though we develop problem solving skills, some areas of IT are so specialised, we decide where to spend our energies and break through our prior boundaries.

Having worked with major ASX listed companies, my second emphasis is on Best Practices. This includes our ownership and responsibilities for service delivery. For example, we are the ones who should know what other providers actually do, and have ability to make our own decisions without concern, as opposed to simply accepting what others or the market say.

IT people need to be encouraged to continue raising the bar in their own work, to learn about transparency, believe in the value of good managers and mentors, and contribute to others. However, Solutions Design is a frame of mind and we may not all have it. It is an ability to “see” how things can hold together and work before they have. This takes a lot of communications to help others have confidence in a solution. It must be said though, people love an agreed way forward even though life in the workforce is not without its problems.

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