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At school I saw the range of Nikon cameras in Queen Street, Brisbane. Their prices were too far away.

At University I did an introductory subject on photography. I enjoyed the environment of the developing room, photography chemicals and paper. Among those black and white photos were workers in North Quay, the construction of South Bank, including a Coke bottle in the foreground, and the Brisbane River fountain. The fountain was a pyramid shape that sprayed a mist of brown Brisbane River water over people. I had colour photos from the construction of the Brisbane International airport.

Data is easy to be lost. We have few photos from our past. I no longer have those Brisbane photos but the State Archives are in the process of acquiring some unique family photos in Brisbane from the 1930’s to 1960’s .

My feeling is that the way things happen in our own lives day-to-day are the same as the past. In that sense there is no need to speculate where it is unreasonable. I do not like fabrication of “facts” in historical writing. Our best information comes from people directly involved in an event either as first or second hand being the best as it is a different experience. The same is with visuals. Digital artwork has no comparison to the experience  of seeing the same works in an exhibition.

Much of the time I lived in Sydney was across from the ROyal North Shore Hospital. This is how I have a collection of RNSH images, some which are published.

Returning to Brisbane, my photos include the area now closed off for the International Cruise Terminal.

Over the years I have seen beautiful photography from people who are not known or published. The same with artists who have great works in their cupboards at home.

My photography has opened doors for access to a number of people in a positive way, either by circumstance or in assisting with some websites.

By chance and curiosity I played around with a story telling website in 2005 using a Microsoft product. I still own the domain name,

I gave up on the Microsoft impracticality. Six years on a real estate agent saw my Balmoral Beach screen saver. He asked me to do test photos. This led me to look at HTML coding and registering an ABN which was never worth the extent of trouble even though the government permits registrations for hobbies. After this I discovered WordPress then helped friends with basic websites. We would say we built a home made vehicle that was just able to drive on the road – an accomplishment, but that was the extent of it.

My photography is prominent on my websites. People would comment on the images, not the websites, but my sites became more complex over time.

As I had studied architecture and design at University, I had a particular way of expressing design, which showed in my workforce PowerPoint presentations. This moved across to websites and developed along with a number of IT aspects.

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